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oh my god(is)

Hello! This is a little comm for sharing (not limited to doujinshi), run by me and my futagoani. There'll be various fandoms here, but a lot of Prince of Tennis. There's also Kamen rider, Fuuma no Koujirou, Hitman Reborn and a loooot more. Pretty much anything that I like and am able to buy.

My OTP is Chitose/Bunta, but it's a really rare pairing, sadly. I also like odd painings like Akutsu/Atobe and Jackal/Sengoku. And that's just the TeniPuri-ones. Sieg/Kaito, anyone? :P I like any pairings related to Hitman REBORN's Belphegor. :3 Bel-chan rabu!♥ Aaah, and Kamen Rider OOO's Kazari. One of my loves. So awesome, that Greeed. :3

Even though I say there'll only be pairings I like, there might be others too, in case some of the circles/doujinkas I like draw them. Or if I get my hands on something cool/cute-looking. Please read the rules before joining.